Cures For Hemorrhoids-How To Treat Hemorrhoids

Cures For hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are actually small distended veins in the rectum and anus. It is a rather common problem though those who are having it view it with great embarrassment and are rather reluctant to see a doctor, preferring to seek out cures for hemorrhoids online discreetly. A number of options are available depending whether you are having the external or internal hemorrhoids and how severe is your problem.

Cure For Hemorrhoids

However, pain and an itching anus or rectum, or blood in stools could be due to other reasons such as anal fissure, anal abscess or the dreaded cancer.

If you are suffering from the external ones, you  might experience some pain, especially when sitting or straining. This is due to the presence of nerves around the anus area. You can feel a fleshy lump or swelling around the anus. Complicated cases such as the veins rupturing and blood clots forming, resulting in a thrombosed case is a possibility. Pain is not uncommon.

As for internal ones which occurs inside the rectum, no pain is felt. Most probably you would not realized their presence until you notice blood in your stools or toilet tissues. The real worry is when they develop into the form of a prolapsed hemorrhoid and protrude outside your anus. Serious cases might require injection, or rarely, surgery. Surgery should be a last resort as there are risks involved such as bleeding, infection, urinary retention and intense post operative pain.

Before you look for any cures for hemorrhoids, first it is better to understand what causes it. Irregular bowel habits such as constipation are major culprits. Constipation could be due to a poor diet lacking in fiber as well as lack of exercises, not drinking enough water, sitting for too long a period at a stretch. In other words, a rather unhealthy lifestyle could contribute to your problem. Other causes include genes, presence of the foetus pressing down during pregnancy, obesity and aging. Anything which results in pressure around the rectum can cause this problem. Certain occupations such as long distance truck drivers or those with high stress jobs may be prone to this problem.

Cures For Hemorrhoids-What You Can Do

The best way of course would be to prevent it from forming in the first place by leading a healthy lifestyle. Countering constipation is therefore one of your important first steps. Includes lots of fiber, such as bran, in your diet as this will result in softer stools and therefore minimal straining during bowel movements. Remember, repeated straining can lead to this problem or worsen it. If eating lots of fiber is not easy, then there is always the option of a fiber supplement. Just remember to drink lots of water ( 8 ounce glasses as recommended by experts) as water and fiber mix together to increase the bulk of the stool and make for easy passage out of the body.

Too much salt intake causes fluid retention. This can cause the walls of veins to swell and form hemorrhoids.

Next on your to-do-list include regular exercise. Exercise stimulates metabolism resulting in better and faster digestion of food and more efficient waste removal. Of course, you get a host of other health benefits as well.

If obesity is your problem, then losing some weight should be high on your list. Again, diet and exercise is important.

As you age, your digestive system starts to slow down. You are five times more likely to be constipated than when you were younger. A good diet with enough fluids is a must and exercise should play an even more important role in your life now.

Other methods include rubber band ligation whereby elastic bands are applied on the hemorrhoids until they withered and dried up before dropping off, due to a cut off in the blood supply.

Another option is sclerotheraphy which involves injecting sclerosant drugs into the hemorrhoids, causing the walls of the blood vessels to thicken and drastically reducing blood supply. The dried and withered lump then drops off.

If  itching and discomfort is a problem, then applying an over-the-counter hemorrhoids cream might bring instant relief. It can even help in shrinking swollen hemorrhoidal tissues and heals anal fissures fast. Food such as strong spices, beer, cola are known to cause itching in some people. Even your extra cup of coffee in the morning may be worsening your itching problem.

You might have to try out a few of the cures before getting rid of it completely. A positive frame of mind helps in how to treat hemorrhoids successfully.

Cure For Hemorrhoids

Cures for hemorrhoids the natural way

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