External Hemorrhoid Treatment – Bleeding External Hemorrhoids

External Hemorrhoid Treatment

Fleshy lumps around the rectum are termed as external hemorrhoids. Due to the anal pressure, the rectal vein dilates, thus resulting in external hemorrhoids. The muscles supporting the hemorrhoidal vessels are affected due to the pressure on the rectal walls. As the support is lost, they enlarge and are transformed into fleshy protrusions beneath the skin. There are a number of external hemorrhoid treatment that can be done at home or by qualified doctors.

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What is the best external hemorrhoid treatment?

Want to know the best cure for hemorrhoids? There are many different external hemorrhoid treatments. Some of the effective remedies are discussed in this article.

The external hemorrhoids are itchy and painful. If these are bleeding or they clot, they hurt and can cause a severe problem. People should prevent them in the first place. This can be done by exercising daily. This will help circulation of blood. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine is helpful too. These steps would definitely help prevent pain caused due to external hemorrhoids.

One of the cheapest, fast acting and painless natural remedies is petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is available in almost all pharmaceutical stores, grocery stores and discount stores.

Taking tub baths in lukewarm water several times daily will help a lot. To reduce swelling and to get relief from itchiness and pain, you can sit in a tub which is half filled with warm water.

One of the famous non-surgical remedies is rubber hand ligation. This remedy is applicable to both medium and small hemorrhoids. In this process, a rubber band is put around the sac-like protrusion. The rubber band restricts the blood flow in the affected area. This restriction of blood flow helps in shrinking the hemorrhoids, thus eventually healing them.

External hemorrhoids can also be treated through injection sclerotherapy. The affected area is injected with a certain chemical which helps in shrinking the hemorrhoids.

Infrared protocoagulation is another procedure. In this procedure, infrared light is directed towards the affected veins. The veins which are dilated coagulate which results in the shrinking of the external hemorrhoids. This happens because blood is unable to flow through the veins that are coagulated.

Hemorrhoidectomy is a surgical method of removing hemorrhoids. This is done with the help of a cautery and a scalpel or even by laser. This method is often recommended for treating trombosed or prolapsed external hemorrhoids.

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External hemorrhoid treatment And Diet

You will need a change in diet. Including fiber enriched food in your diet prevents constipation. Avoid eating refined and processed food which lack roughage and natural fiber. Change in diet also includes increase in intake of water. At least eight glasses of water should be taken daily for smooth digestion and easy defecation. Low-fat protein, cereals,vegetables and fruits are highly recommended. Avoiding alcohol and coffee which irritate the bowel, should be considered part of your external hemorrhoid treatment at home.