Hemorrhoids Bleeding – Treatment For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids Bleeding

Cure For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are painful venous swellings that may occur inside the anal canal (internal hemorrhoids) or just outside the anal opening (external hemorrhoids). Blood observed during or after defecation caused by hemorrhoids bleeding is a common symptom, although it is not specific for that condition. Anorectal fissures, irritation, and inflammation may also cause bleeding, while in 25% of all cases, the bleeding is caused by cancer.  Thus, it is important to immediately consult a doctor or a health care provider when blood in the stool is observed in order to determine the root of the symptom and provide the correct treatment for the bleeding hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Bleeding-Causes of Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids bleeding is caused by putting too much pressure on the rectal and pelvic veins. Straining during defecation such as in cases of constipation or diarrhea may increase the venous pressure in the anal area. The veins stretch, become swollen, and eventually rupture, causing hemorrhoids bleeding.

Conditions that cause hemorrhoids include pregnancy, obesity, prolonged sitting, and portal vein hypertension. Dehydration or lack of water in the body also contributes to the development of hemorrhoids because water acts as a cleansing lubricant to the colon. Inadequate intake of water makes it difficult to flush down the waste as it sticks to the colon wall. Excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee diminishes the water in the body and leads to hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Bleeding-Treatment for Hemorrhoids

An individual suffering from hemorrhoids bleeding experiences painful swelling that brings a lot of discomfort. In addition to the pain, the condition may be embarrassing to most people, so they tend to hide and keep quiet about it instead of seeking medical intervention. It is important, however, that hemorrhoids be treated right away to prevent further irritation.

Aside from medications, there are alternative ways in managing the bleeding from hemorrhoids. Examples may include laser coagulation and infrared coagulation where the hemorrhoidal tissue is burned; injection sclerotheraphy, where a solution designed to shrink the hemorrhoids is injected around the veins; rubber band ligation, which involves placing a rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoidal vein, cutting off circulation; and hemorrhoidectomy, a surgical procedure often performed when external or internal bleeding becomes severe.

Less complicated treatments such as medications and suppositories are designed to relieve discomfort or control bleeding. Hydrocortisone may be used in external hemorrhoids to reduce bleeding and swelling. Home management of hemorrhoids requires the patient to keep the anorectal area clean after every bowel movement by using mild soap and water. Patients are also advised to drink plenty of water and increase their fiber intake by adding more fruits and vegetables to the diet.

Hemorrhoids bleeding is not to be taken lightly so as to prevent complications from occurring. If given a choice, a natural solution is always the best.

Cure For Hemorrhoids

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